Glen Gardner & Associates



I won’t sell you anything… I promise!

But I could save you thousands of dollars.


I have helped hundreds of businesses save and make millions of dollars by changing the way they spend marketing dollars, that in many cases are already budgeted. My job is not to sell you anything, but to help businesses maximize what they are already spending, and in many cases spend less to get a better result.


If you give me 60 minutes, I can take you through a fun and proven process that helps you answer those questions that keep you up at night:


How do I know if it’s working?

Am I spending my money in the right places?

Am I saying the right things?

Can I get a better result and spend less?

New media vs. traditional?

What about events marketing?


I have developed a system over the past 35 years that provides answers to those questions and many others.


The only investment you’ll be asked to make is about 60 minutes of your time. I’m not going to ask you to buy anything during this 60 minutes and I’m not employed by any particular media.


Just give me 60 minutes and it could change your world.